The MBVCA is a seven member authority, appointed by the City of Miami Beach Commission, with the goal of encouraging, developing and promoting the image of Miami Beach locally, nationally and internationally as a vibrant community and superb tourist destination. To this end, the MBVCA strategically focuses its funding investments in a balanced manner, fostering outstanding existing programs, stimulating new activities, and encouraging partnerships. The MBVCA is committed to a careful, long-term plan for allocation of resources to build the uniqueness of Miami Beach as ones of the world's greatest communities and tourism destinations.


Steve Adkins

Steve Adkins was re-appointed to the MBVCA in December 2016, after serving from 2007 to 2014. During his tenure, he served as both Vice Chair and Chair.

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Vice Chair

Daniel Hertzberg

Danny Hertzberg was appointed to the MBVCA in February 2014 and is currently the Vice Chair. He is member of the leading luxury real estate sales team known as The Jills®

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Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez was appointed to the MBVCA in January 2015. He is currently the President of AG Ventures and Productions and David’s Café Cafecito where he oversees operations, growth and rebranding

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Stephen G. Hertz

Stephen G. Hertz has been a resident of Miami Beach since 1942. He is a trial attorney with the Law offices of Stephen G. Hertz where he has practiced since 1965.

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Jeff Lehman

Jeff Lehman was appointed to the MBVCA in December 2015 and previously served on the Board for 12 of the 21 years he has lived or worked in Miami Beach.

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Tim Nardi

Tim Nardi was appointed to the MBVCA in February 2015 and has been a dedicated and active leader in the Miami Beach hospitality industry for more than two decades.

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Christopher Rollins

Chris Rollins is the Vice President of South Beach Group Hotels Inc, a 20-property conglomerate of over 1,500 hotel rooms. The single largest most successful operator of hotels in Miami Beach. Chris is responsible for overseeing the strategic vision and daily operations.

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